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Alphabet Soup

Every industry has its own trade language and can be difficult to navigate without a "cheat sheet" of some sort. Below is a list of the most common acronyms used in Montana economic development:

BEAR – Business Expansion and Retention

BIA – Bureau of Indian Affairs

BLM – Bureau of Land Management

BRCD – Beartooth RC&D

BSEDA – Big Sky Economic Development Association

BSTF – Big Sky Trust Fund

CDBG – Community Development Block Grant

CRDC – Certified Regional Development Corporation

CEDS – Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

CTEP – Community Transportation Endowment Program

EDA – Economic Development Administration

EDD – Economic Development District

ESRI – Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.

GIS – Geographic Information Systems

GPS – Global Positioning System

HOME – Montana Home Investment Partnerships Program

HUD – US Department of Housing and Urban Development

IRP – Intermediary Relending Program

LESA – Land Evaluation Site Assessment

MBI – Montana Board of Investments

MDOC – Montana Department of Commerce

MDOL – Montana Dept. of Labor

MDOT – Montana Dept. of Transportation

MDFWP – Montana Dept. of Fish, Wildlife and Parks

MEDA – Montana Economic Developers Association

NADO – National Association of Development Organizations

NCOC – National Carbon Offset Coalition

NHS – Neighborhood Housing Services

NRCS – Natural Resource Conservation Service

RBEG – Rural Business Enterprise Grant

RBOG – Rural Business Opportunity Grant

RC&D – Resource Conservation & Development Area, Inc.

RCDI – Rural Community Development Initiative

RD – Rural Development (a division of USDA)

RDO – Regional Development Officers

RLF – Revolving Loan Fund

RTA – Resource Team Assessment

SBA – Small Business Administration

SBDC – Small business Development Center

TIFD – Tax Increment Finance District

TSEP  - Treasure State Endowment Program

USDA – United States Department of Agriculture

USFS – United States Forest Service

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