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Frequently Asked Questions

 01  What is an RC&D?

Local People Solving Local Problems

Local people know what is best for their communities. That is the core premise of the Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) Program and the key to its success. The RC&D Program provides a development process that is unique in that it is driven by a passion to mobilize local, state and national resources to address economic, social, environmental, and quality of life issues on the ground where those issues occur. Often that ground is rural America and the partnerships formed are rooted in the communities being served.

Beartooth has made a transition to enhance the RC&D model with a strong regional economic development model in order to better serve the communities, counties, businesses and organizations in our five-county jurisdiction. 

This approach relies on its collective strength to provide technical expertise, create funding partnerships, and put boots on the ground to solve a locally identified problem. 

RC&D organizations are 501(C)3 not-for-profit corporations. They are not governmental entities, so the typical policies and constraints of local, state, and federal government programs do not limit the types of issues they address or the means they use. 



 02  Can you help me with a business plan?

Yes, we can. Beartooth staff can provide you with a template and begin to help you move your business concept forward. Depending on the type of business you are planning, we may refer you to the Small Business Development Center to help you develop your plan. It's important to remember that you are the only one qualified to write your plan, so please consult with our staff before giving in to the temptation of paying for a template or hiring a consultant to write your plan. 



 03  What kinds of grants does Beartooth offer?

Our staff can help you access funding. Grants to individuals for starting a business are very rare, but grants to existing businesses may be available to assist with the purchase of a building or equipment, value-added agriculture activities, planning and feasibility, and job creation. The grants almost always require a cash match from the business owner, and the application process usually takes 3-6 months. Please contact us to learn more. 



 04  How do I  get assistance with a project?

We assist businesses, communities, counties and organizations with a wide variety of projects. All it takes to get started is a phone call or email. Our services are free and confidential. We are here to help! 



 05  How is Beartooth funded?

The organization is funded through state and federal grants, as well as annual contributions by County Commissions, Conservation Districts, Municipalities and partner organizations throughout our five-county service area.

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