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EDA Joint Planning Resource Guide for Rural America - April 2022
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Regional Tourism 

Tourism is important to our region, especially in Carbon County. The document link below is an in-depth look at the tourism industry in our region as compared to the United States. This document is helpful in terms of tourism wage data and the specific industry sectors measured in the report. Each page of data is followed by a study guide page to assist in the understanding of what is being measured and why it matters.

Regional Planning

One of our guiding documents and a comprehensive look at the region can be found in the CEDS link below. This document is a requirement of an Economic Development Administration (EDA) designated development district and contains detailed information on each of the counties in the Beartooth service area.

Regional Data Reports

Headwaters Economics is an independent, nonprofit research group that provides original and effective research through their Economic Profile System. Reports are free and easy to use. The following reports offer an analysis of the Beartooth region over a range of subjects and assist us in project development.

BillingsWorks State of the Workforce
Click here to read the latest report.
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Food and Ag Development Centers

Beartooth houses one of seven centers designed to help Montanans innovate and grow businesses that produce and commercialize food, agricultural and renewable energy products and processes, creating wealth and jobs in our communities and on our farms and ranches. 


The FADC network supports economic development by ensuring that more of the state's food, agricultural, and energy dollars circulate in Montana. The network provides training, coaching and technical assistance. 

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Growth Through Ag Program

The GTA Program is ​a grant and loan program established by the Montana Legislature to strengthen and diversify Montana's agricultural industry.

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Coal Impact Study

Four economic development agencies collaborated to secure funding to hire a consultant to deliver a study on the impact of changes in the coal industry for a 15-county region in central and south-central Montana "Coal Country." The study included an evaluation of the economic impact, an analysis of the workforce, and strategies to diversify the regional economy.

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